Minto Personifies The First Tee Values at Mid-Am

When Rodean Minto first took up golf, he viewed it as a way to pass the time and stay out of trouble. It was a lot easier to find trouble in Bridgeport, Conn., than it was to master the intricacies of the game.

“With the way the city is, all the different gangs, if you get mixed up with the wrong person, anything could happen,” said Minto, who was new to this country, having emigrated from Jamaica at age 16. “My cousin and my future brother-in-law said, ‘Let’s play,’ and I just went with it. They were the only people I knew who played.”

Little did Minto know that the course where he first swung a club – Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course, in neighboring Fairfield – would go on to become both his workplace and his competitive arena…

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