Scotland golf trip in three parts

In case you missed the incessant tweets from @nolayingup regarding his recent buddies trip to St. Andrews a few weeks ago here’s a really nice summary, recap and review of the trip in three parts…

PART ONE:   Scotland Golf Trip, Part 1: The Old Course

“We checked into our digs, put on some gear, and strutted over to the Old Course like we owned the place. We couldn’t help but notice how many people were standing around watching players finish on the 18th green, and tee off on the first. This would come into play later.”

PART TWO:  Scotland Golf Trip, Part 2: The Kingsbarns

From the minute I mentioned that I was going to be going to St. Andrews, anyone who had ever set foot on this part of the Earth immediately demanded: “You HAVE to play Kingsbarns.” Located just 20 minutes down the road on one of the most fabulous pieces of property you’ll ever lay eyes on, no trip to St. Andrews is complete without playing this gem.

PART THREE:  Scotland Golf Trip, Part 3: Carnoustie

We made the not-so-scenic (compared to the Kingsbarns drive) 45 minute drive north, and arrived about an hour early to find the most perfect day of weather you could possibly draw up. Strong sunshine, and a howling wind that makes you feel like you’re playing the course in the conditions it was designed to be played in. The first two holes played dead into this ferocious wind, and our group was not prepared for the disaster that ensued. As a foursome, we played these two moderate length par 4’s in 40 minutes and 47 strokes (15 over par). It took two holes before a marshall had to come out and (politely) ask us to pick up the pace.

If reading those reviews and recaps, and checking out those awesome photos, doesn’t have you planning your trip to Scotland right now… Looks like an incredible trip!