Who will make the leap on the PGA Tour this season?

Seventeen days, 16 hours and, oh, about 20 minutes or so.

That’s how long it will have been between the last PGA Tour season coming to a close and the next one starting, which will happen at the Frys.com Open, beginning this Thursday.

During that time, there was only the Presidents Cup and a full slate of European Tour and LPGA tourneys to hold our collective golfing interests. I’m just glad we all made it through this harrowing time.

All joking aside, even though those other tours are still finishing up their seasons, the PGA Tour’s 47-event campaign will indeed get underway this week, which seems like a perfect time to address which players will make The Leap.

Check out Jason Sobel of ESPN’s annual column predicting those who will jump in status at some point over the next year — and just like the game itself, there are a few rules by which we must abide.

Rickie Fowler among those who will make The Leap on the PGA Tour this season.