Back-to-back fairway hole-outs on 16th hole at Open

A rarity on the opening day of the PGA Tour season

You know the joke… someone in your group jugs a shot from the fairway and then before the next player hits, someone jokingly says, “knock it in”. Hilarious, because you seldom see more than one or two hole-outs in a season, let alone two in the same group, on the same hole, on the same day.

In the opening round of the Open on Thursday, John Huh holes out for eagle from 122 yards out and Jarrod Lyle follows that up with his hole out from 64 yards on the par-5 16th hole at Siverado Country Club. This just doesn’t happen!

Video proof below…

Two things…

1. C’mon John Huh! Smile! At least get a little excited after jugging one from 122. Please refer to¬†Jarrod Lyle’s reaction for an example of how one should act after dunking one from the fairway.

2. If you’re wondering who Jarrod Lyle is, you’re probably not alone. In short, he’s an Australian cancer survivor who first earned his PGA Tour Card in 2007. Pretty interesting backstory. Check it out at his Wikipedia Page.