Murdering your golf clubs

Equipment manufacturers might want to avert their eyes from the forthcoming paragraphs. This is a story of exorcism, excoriation and execution, and it might be too gruesome to bear.

“I never lost my temper with my opponent. I was only angry with myself. It always seemed… such an utterly useless and idiotic thing to stand up to a perfectly simple shot, one that I know I can make a hundred times running without a miss—and then mess up the blamed thing, the one time I want to make it! And it is gone forever–an irrevocable crime, that shot.” —Bobby Jones, on his anger and outbursts on the golf course.

Let’s face it: Killing a golf club is a predictable response when a golfer finds disfavor with the “irrevocable crime” of a poor stroke. The tradition of altering a club’s configuration likely dates to only a few minutes after the first club was invented.

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