20 items on the common man’s golf bucket list

Not everyone can take a trip to Scotland or win The Masters ticket lottery

There are certain activities and adventures on every golfer’s bucket list. Visit Augusta National. Win a club championship. Play Pine Valley or Pebble Beach.
Unfortunately, many of these dreams never come to fruition. Badges to the Masters have become astronomical on the open market. You have to take out a second mortgage to journey to Pebble Beach. Unless you’re connected, good luck stepping foot on the Pine Valley confines.

And as for the club championship? Well, your imagination may craft such scenery, but your scorecard paints a far different picture.

Which is why the traditional “to-do” itinerary needs to be thrown out in favor of a more practical wish list. Things that CAN be accomplished and marked off. A bucket list for the everyman.

Without further ado, here are the 20 items on the common man’s golf bucket list from Golf Digest