GolfJay Review: swingOIL pre-round nutritional supplement

Did swingOIL have us swinging "Loose & Smooth"?

Our 12 pack of swingOIL pouches arrived in a nicely packaged box and was met with some skepticism. The claim from the company is that these 3 oz. pouches, when taken pre-round, will help you “get loose” and “swing smooth”.

I downed my first pouch prior to a recent round. I didn’t give it much thought once my first tee shot was in the air. It wasn’t until about the turn that I realized how loose I was feeling, particularly on my backswing. At age 43, normally I feel a bit of tightness at the top of my backswing. On this day, I was able to take the club to the top unimpeded by my aging back and shoulders.

Was this the swingOIL at work? That is hard to say for sure but I hit the ball great that day and my swing did indeed feel “loose and smooth” through the 18th.

I tore open my second pouch on a cold Saturday morning when some members at our local club and I cut down some trees on our course. Again, despite the early morning chill, I felt pretty good even after hauling away countless logs and branches. Was this the swingOIL at work? Again, hard to say for sure but swingOIL was 2 for 2.

Two of my three playing partners drank down a pouch prior to our round and reported to be feeling good throughout the round. Nice job swingOIL? Or, just a coincidence?

A product like this is tough to review because it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness. Yes, I felt great those days but who is to say I wasn’t just naturally feeling good?  I will say this, the next time I hit the links and feel a little tight at the top, I’ll be reaching for the swingOIL. Whether this stuff really works or if it is simply a placebo effect, I’m in.

The “oil” contains 7 key ingredients…

– Taurine and Citrulline for strength
– Ginseng and Rhodiola for focus
– Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Turmeric for flexibility

swingOIL comes in 3 flavors (Lime, Orange and Strawberry/Banana) and they are each delicious. It doesn’t take long to tear open a pouch and consume the 3 ounces of “oil” and I found myself wanting a little more simply due to the great taste.

2015 PGA Championship winner Jason Day is their main spokesperson and he is prominent upon visiting their website. Kenny Perry is also a supporter, as you’ll find in a particularly annoying autoplay video that keeps replaying no matter how many times you pause it until you navigate away from the homepage.

For about half the price of a Pro-V, you can down a pouch of swingOIL before every round and easily make it a part of your pre-round routine.

Hey, it works for Jason Day!

Order online at and let us know what you think!

– Review by Jim Sinicropi,