Tee in the butt stunt goes wrong

That's not a shot you want to catch fat...

Model Liz Dickson is suing Playboy and a radio host for an alleged botched stunt at an event involving a golf ball, tee, and her butt.

According to CBS Los Angeles:

Dickson agreed to have a photo taken of her lying on her stomach “with her buttocks partially exposed” so that Kevin Klein, co-host of the show, could hit a golf ball put atop a tee that was inserted between her butt cheeks, the suit alleges.

However, Klein missed the tee and “struck plaintiff on the buttocks, causing her injuries and damages,” the suit states.

Dickson suffered pain, suffering, worrying and anxiety as a result of her injuries, the suit states.

Apparently Kevin Klein hit that drive a little fat.

Here’s a couple of photos of Liz Dickson…

And here is a copy of Dickson’s lawsuit…