Solo rounds no longer OK to post to GHIN system

Golf is a living, changing game. Despite being rife with traditions dating back literally centuries, changes in equipment technology, turf science, and even the rules of the game have kept golfers on their toes for much of those hundreds of years. Golf’s two international ruling bodies, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club (R&A), which administer the rules and regulations governing the game, periodically review and update those rules, often to the accompaniment of cries of outrage from the golfing community at large. That was the reaction among American golfers to an announcement made on Monday, November 23, in which the USGA announced, among other changes, that from January 1, 2016 forward, rounds played alone, i.e., without a witness, will no longer be allowed to be used for the purpose of determining a player’s handicap.

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