Golf Tips for Beginners: How to Nail Your First Shot

It’s either you’ve been just born today, or you’ve never read any publications if you’ve never heard about golf. Or perhaps, you lived before 15th-century—the time when the modern game of this sport was first played in Scotland. Yes, almost everyone has probably heard or read about it. No doubt, this club-and-ball sport is very popular around the globe. Read more about its history here.

Even though it has been around for ages and we’ve heard countless news and facts about it, it’s still a different feeling when you’re about to start learning and playing it yourself. No matter how interested you are in this sport, it’s still pretty intimidating, thinking that a major number of golfers come from the upper-class society.

But hey, don’t get intimidated by that stereotype—golf is for everyone, not just for the super-rich or the nouveau riche. Everyone who has passion for it should feel free to get himself engaged in this game. It is normal for beginners to feel a bit intimidated. But how can one avoid being overwhelmed by those feelings and nail his first game instead? We’ve gathered foolproof tips for you.

Do Some Background Research

Would you dive straight to the ocean if you don’t even know the basics of swimming? Of course not. That’s ridiculous. Aside from the fact that it’s strange and nobody would really attempt it, you’re putting your life at risk. We’re not saying that when you first step on the golf course and swing that club with zero knowledge about golf, you’re already risking your dear life. No, that’s a different thing.

But you’re risking yourself from “mini heart attacks” that come from intimidation. You know, when you see those pros, you’d feel like fainting and telling yourself, “What am I even doing here?” So, be kind to yourself, and ahem, to your reputation, by at least, doing your homework. Read books, blogs and literally anything that can teach you about this sport.

Learn about its history and other basic facts about it. Get to know the terminologies and the right equipment. Memorize all of these as much as possible. Find the ideal outfit you can wear so you can be comfortable, at the same time, fashionable during the game. After all, before you get on the actual, you’d always deal with the theories first, right? That’s applicable in any situation.

After you’ve learned about the right sportswear, equipment and terminologies, it’s time to take the next and most important step. You need to learn the rules of the game. At school, before you get out in the field and play any sport, your Physical Education teacher would first teach you the rules of the game. Part of the goals of sports is to teach us the importance of discipline, sportsmanship and fairness. Without learning and abiding by the rules, it’s impossible to achieve that goal.

Speaking of rules, make sure you stay updated about any changes made in this sport. Check out some of these:

Take note: Doing your research about golf shouldn’t be forced. It shouldn’t feel like a chore if you want to absorb as much learnings as possible. The learning experience should come naturally. For that to happen, you need to be truly interested about it. Now, that brings us to the next point in this article.

Identify Your Goals

Before you start with any activity, project or undertaking you need to ask yourself what your goals are. And so, why do you want to learn how to play golf? Is it just for leisure? Do you wish to join your friends? Do you see yourself becoming a master of this sport? Are you doing it for business reasons? If it’s for the latter, chances are, you need to exert yourself more. You might just catch the attention of your next prospective client or business partner.

Identifying your goals, listing them down and taking note of them will give you something to get back to and review every once in a while, if you already feel like giving up. You know, those times when you feel like you don’t seem to get better in the game. When you have goals, you have compelling reasons not to give up. These reasons will always motivate you to try harder every time you practice.

Shop the Right Equipment

To get started in the actual game, you need at least two of the basics: some clubs and balls. Of course, investing on high-quality clubs wouldn’t hurt. But if you’d splurge right away on equipment, you might discover later on that doing so isn’t really practical and necessary. As your learning process continues, you’ll have plenty of time to upgrade your clubs or any other golf equipment for that matter.

While you can carry up to 14 clubs, it’s not required if you’re still a novice player. You don’t need as many as that though having a few good ones for beginners would be perfect. To find the right clubs for beginners, you can read plenty of reviews online so you can compare various choices.

If you can find someone who is a pro in this sport, you can ask him to help you test some choices while you shop around for clubs and balls. Never buy anything without doing a good round of test. After all, these items don’t come cheap. Yes, some are cheaper than the others. But generally, the price range are no joke. Choose wisely.

Find a Mentor

If you want to nail your first shot in your first official game, you need to practice your skills. Find a mentor who will give you a walkthrough, offer you some tips and tricks and guide you as you apply the rules and strategies in the game. You don’t always have to be in a wide golf course to practice your skills. You can play the game at the comfort of your own backyard if it’s also spacious enough.

Ready to nail your first shot? Start learning golf now!