How to Improve Your Golf Swing and Become a Better Golfer

It doesn’t matter which sport you play, there are always tips and tricks that will improve your game and skill. Besides knowing what to do, you will need to be dedicated in order to realize your goals. Golf is one of the best paying sports but it is also very expensive if you look at the gear you need and training.

If you are just starting out, there won’t need to have some special exercises because you have to know the basics first. Do your research like at Golf Treasury or find a personal trainer if you want to beat your friends in a friendly match. Going professional is much different and there is a lot of time and effort involved. Pitching, putting and knowing the surface are some of the key things you will need to work on.

Important Concepts of Your Swing

You can always find a great instructor but the question is how much you will learn in that one hour. Even worse, if you have it only once a week, you will probably forget the form and tactics and get back to your old ways. You first need to understand the concepts and why people are doing something in a certain way so you can accept it better and use it yourself.

Once you understand the concepts regarding your swing, you will be able to master your technique and become better. There are three main lines you should be familiar with including the clubface direction line, swing path line and target line. The first one refers to where the face of the club is pointing at impact, the second is the path of your swing and the last one is the line where you want your ball to finish on. You can check it here:

Understanding these three and how you can improve them is important because your spin and overall path of the ball depend on it. You will learn easier how to curve it which is essential for avoiding obstacles. It doesn’t take training to know this you just need to realize that these three paths exist.

Ball Flight

The sport improved a lot because of new technology that helped us determine what the most efficient way is to hit the ball. It’s determined that the direction of the ball is mostly influenced by clubface direction. You can divide clubface into three types when it comes to impact.

Closed is the first type where you are pointing to the left of the swing path. The next is open where you point to the right and the last one is square which is pointing in the same direction as the swing path. This is responsible for 80% of where you would like to send the ball flying. It’s even more important to understand it when you want to learn how to slice.

Most golfers want to learn to hit straight forward and just place their body in that direction. The only way to do it is to have the face of the club pointing along the swing path. The equipment you use will also matter so make sure you get high-quality gear but also get to know it so you can understand its strength.

Have a Routine

Every golfer has his own routine when he’s about to make the shot. Most of them won’t think about the power they will use, what style and where to hit it. This isn’t something that you will need a checklist for, it comes with the player.

You need to understand that every hole has a different approach to it which your coach will explain more when you visit the field for the first time. It’s much easier to make the pot when you know the exact distance and everything that you do before making the shot will be your routine. Even if it may seem bad, when you follow it, you have better chances of winning. Read more on this page.

There are a few things that will be considered as a good routine. The first one is examining the surroundings and picking out a target. When you know the area and where to hit you need to visualize the shot and the last thing is to take practice in a way that suits you.